January 05, 2012


A Brushcutter is one of the most versatile grass cutting machines. They are sometimes called grass trimmers, bush cutters or clearing saws. Not to be confused with a trimmer(which has a bent shaft and is used for cutting edges), brushcutters can be used to trim edges, bushes, around fences or flowerbeds, to cut through tough uncontrolled growth, or large awkward areas including embankments, along verges or uneven terrain, and even for gnarling bushes, cutting thorny bushes and sawing thin tree trunks.

Cutting attachments - circular saw

It is important to purchase the correct machine for your application. Compare kilowatt(size) of the various options, as well as reliability of back up service, spares availability, and manufacturer's support.
There is a good way to tell higher quality units from less expensive models. Higher quality brushcutters have the starter cord behind the engine.  Less expensive unites locate the cord between the motor and the shaft.  This is due to crankshaft design alternatives.  Single counterweight shafts are less expensive to make, vibrate more, and require locating the starter cord at the front of the engine.  Double counterweight shafts cost more, are better balanced, and allow the starter cord to be located at the back of the engine.  Manufacturers who have gone to the expense of equipping their machines with double counterweight crankshafts will likely have engineered other design features into the unit to make it more durable and useful - something to keep in mind as you consider the price difference.
The two most important decisions are the size brushcutter you need, and the type of cutting attachment you use.

Size matters

You don't need to purchase the strongest machine available to do the job. When a manufacturer has a range of products available, it doesn't necessarily imply that the brand "has a machine available for every wallet size". Well, if it is the reason, stay well clear of that specific product. A Good range is ussually one which offers products for different applications. Are you a garden service and need to trim edges daily? Do you want to cut tall grass daily? Are you clearing a large area of uncontrolled growth? Do you need to cut away thorny bushes? We have units available for all the different scenarios!
So, largest isn't always the best. Size matters when it comes to what your application is, and when you are going to cut edges at in eight garden five days a week, you won't need a 2.4kW monster.

Cutting attachments

With most good quality brushcutters you can decide between various nylon line cutting heads, grass cutting blades, brush knifes and circular saw blades. Each type of cutting attachment has a different application. Discuss the options with your Grassnyer Kliniek/Lawnmower Clinic Pretoria sales consultant. Make sure your unit can accept the attachments needed to get the job done. Some of the smaller units will only accept a limited number of accessories. Please make certain that the correct, approved guard for the cutting attachment is installed.It is usually recommended to purchase both a nylon cutting head and brush blade. Why?
A nylon head provides a larger cutting swath than a blade (which means you get your cutting done quicker). Nylon line is also capable of clearing weeds between logs and rock. If the line hits a hard object, it bounces off. This is not true of a tri-cut/brush blade. The tri-cut blade attachment has a smaller cutting swath. Since the blade is made from steel, when it hits something hard, the entire cutting end of the bruchcutter bounces off the object. Further, regularly hitting rocks can cause the blade to dull quickly, which means some annoying resharpening in the field. With a string head, you just pull out some new line and you're ready to go. Having both a string head and brush blade allows you to cover all the bases.

Cutting unit application

Protective Equipment

As with any petrol powered clearing equipment, protective equipment is an absolute necessity. For brushcutters, there are two safety items you shouldn't go without:
  • A protective helmet with integrated sound deadening headphones, and a screen pull-down shield on the front. Do NOT operate a brushcutter without one of these helmets.
  • Shin guards. Guards are typically manufactured high impact plastic, and cover the front part of the lower leg. We also offer Brushcutter Safety Pants.
Contact us for information regarding the correct brushcutter for your application.

December 20, 2011

Latest Lawnmower Clinic Specials!

Specials from Grassnyer Kliniek/Lawnmower Clinic Pretoria as advertised in the Pretoria News December 2011. Need a mower, or maybe a ride-on lawn tractor? We have it all....trimmers, brushcutters, loads of different mowers for every possible application, blowers, replacement engines, high pressure washers, waterpumps, chainsaws, and more. Visit our website at and browse through all our products.

October 26, 2011

Phone lines working again!

Our phone lines are up and running again!

Letter to Telkom

We are still experiencing a blackout. Yes, our lines are still down. Please share this link. You can contact us by email ( post on our facebook wall( or send a fax(012-3231833/0865507700) 

This is a letter I sent to Telkom:

Our lines went down on Friday morning 14 October at approximately 9am. We contacted Telkom, which informed us they weren't aware of any problem, and asked us to contact our switchboard system provider. The provider visited our site within 2 hours, and informed us the problem was line orientated, and not the switchboard or system. They then reported the line faults with Telkom on our behalf.

Since Friday I have been phoning Telkom several times a day, with no satisfactory answers.

“The whole Pretoria West is down”
“It’s a tower issue and we are working on it”
“It’s and exchange issue and we are working on it”

On Friday we determined 3 companies around us also had issues. Their lines were back in working order on Saturday morning. Ours are still down….5 days later.

Every time I contact the call centre, they promise me they will contact me with more details. I’m still waiting for ONE phone call from Telkom.

Now, if this was a domestic line…no problem. But we are a retail business who advertise a lot, do large volumes of telephonic business, and compete in a very competitive market. And most of all, we trade in a seasonal business environment….when it rains and grass grow….we get busy. Last week it rained. It is summer. We are supposed to be busy.  We are losing business every second we “ignore” phone calls. Customers get upset, and contact our competitors. Some customers may never return.

Some customers do try to get hold of us(see attachment…he sent 42 faxes due to being irritated with us not answering the phone. We contacted him immediately, but the faxes still came pouring in). “ You are an embarrassment to yourself” Ouch that hurts. Imagine how many people just put the phone down, and will never contact us again!!!
More samples….I can give you loads:

Good day

I am trying to reach lawnmower clinic since Thursday, I need to confirm banking details urgently

Please contact me urgently

Thank you

011 xxxxxxxxx

Hi Morne,
There is no answer on either of your landlines, no switchboard nothing. This is not what we Expected when we said "a lasting Business relationship.
If this is how you do business, We'll look for another supplier. Remember, the summer is just starting and our orders are streaming in.
Please let me know urgently as to when we can expect delivery.

Thank you,

Kind Regards
Caroline xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Since Friday our turnover has declined daily. Monday we did 50% of what we did the previous Monday. Tuesday was down 60%. How many customers have we lost?

What do we have to do to get reaction? I contacted an alternative supplier today, and they quoted me within 15 mins for a new system…wireless. They say Telkom customers are moving over daily. Do I go ahead and cancel our Telkom lines? I’m extremely tempted, considering the poor service our company is experiencing at the moment.

Please fix our lines!

Your fault has been logged on service number 0123231835(null). Reference number : 1131CTZ211011
Your fault has been logged on service number 0123233898(null). Reference number : 1133CTZ211011
Your fault has been logged on service number 0123231833(null). Reference number : 1129CTZ211011
Your fault has been logged on service number 0123264840(null). Reference number : 1132CTZ211011
Your fault has been logged on service number 0123255772(null). Reference number : 1134CTZ211011
Your fault has been logged on service number 0123231834(null). Reference number : 1130CTZ211011

Kind regards

October 25, 2011

Phone lines still down!

It's ridiculous! Phone lines still down....but do not fear! We are open from 7h30-17h00 weekdays, and 7h30-13h00 on Saturdays. Contact us by sending an email to, posting on our facebook wall, or sending a fax to 012 3255772(yes, wonder upon wonder, the fax line works)

October 21, 2011

Phone lines out!

All phone lines in our area are down. Please send an email for any urgent inquiries:

October 20, 2011

Woodworking for Kids - start planning for Christmas!

We have a new range of toys available, just in time for Christmas.  But be warned, they will sell fast, so visit us as soon as possible.

Red Toolbox is a new and innovative concept of woodworking for kids offering parents and children the opportunity to spend quality time together while learning new skills. The world of Red Toolbox includes a wide variety of specially designed tools and kids woodworking kits that let them explore and create woodworking for kids projects with their parents. 

Families enjoy valuable team time while building unique kids woodworking projects designed with the kids in mind.

Now the whole family can share the fun of woodworking together!
The Workbench

Air hocke
Some of the items you can make....everything you need is included in the package.

Billiard table

Picture pack

October 18, 2011

Much more than just lawnmowers

We advertise: "Much more than just lawnmowers", and yes, we have a huge range of everything you need for your small garden, or even your stadium, park, or farm! Then of course we have a full range of light construction products, as well as cleaning products.

Our construction products include rammers, plate compactors, pumps, heavy rollers and more.

Need to fix potholes? We have the equipment you need!
The Cleaning range include vacuum cleaners(for indoors) sweepers, the carpet cleaning spray extractors, high pressure washers and scrubber driers.

Visit or call us today for more information.

October 14, 2011

Latest advert with specials

Pretoria News, Monday 17 October 2011. Valid until 31 October or while stock last.

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