July 09, 2015

Last year we participated in the first Outdoor Power Products Association of South Africa's Race Day. Lawnmower racing is popular in the USA, but new to South Africa. Specialist dealers participated with their modified lawn tractors. We saw various brands entries, including Murray, Craftsman, MTD, and some unrecognizable models. The chainsaw racing and carving proved popular as well. The second race day will be on the weekend of 29 & 30 August 2015. Watch last years highlights here, including a crash, but loads of fun.


January 05, 2012


A Brushcutter is one of the most versatile grass cutting machines. They are sometimes called grass trimmers, bush cutters or clearing saws. Not to be confused with a trimmer(which has a bent shaft and is used for cutting edges), brushcutters can be used to trim edges, bushes, around fences or flowerbeds, to cut through tough uncontrolled growth, or large awkward areas including embankments, along verges or uneven terrain, and even for gnarling bushes, cutting thorny bushes and sawing thin tree trunks.

Cutting attachments - circular saw

It is important to purchase the correct machine for your application. Compare kilowatt(size) of the various options, as well as reliability of back up service, spares availability, and manufacturer's support.
There is a good way to tell higher quality units from less expensive models. Higher quality brushcutters have the starter cord behind the engine.  Less expensive unites locate the cord between the motor and the shaft.  This is due to crankshaft design alternatives.  Single counterweight shafts are less expensive to make, vibrate more, and require locating the starter cord at the front of the engine.  Double counterweight shafts cost more, are better balanced, and allow the starter cord to be located at the back of the engine.  Manufacturers who have gone to the expense of equipping their machines with double counterweight crankshafts will likely have engineered other design features into the unit to make it more durable and useful - something to keep in mind as you consider the price difference.
The two most important decisions are the size brushcutter you need, and the type of cutting attachment you use.

Size matters

You don't need to purchase the strongest machine available to do the job. When a manufacturer has a range of products available, it doesn't necessarily imply that the brand "has a machine available for every wallet size". Well, if it is the reason, stay well clear of that specific product. A Good range is ussually one which offers products for different applications. Are you a garden service and need to trim edges daily? Do you want to cut tall grass daily? Are you clearing a large area of uncontrolled growth? Do you need to cut away thorny bushes? We have units available for all the different scenarios!
So, largest isn't always the best. Size matters when it comes to what your application is, and when you are going to cut edges at in eight garden five days a week, you won't need a 2.4kW monster.

Cutting attachments

With most good quality brushcutters you can decide between various nylon line cutting heads, grass cutting blades, brush knifes and circular saw blades. Each type of cutting attachment has a different application. Discuss the options with your Grassnyer Kliniek/Lawnmower Clinic Pretoria sales consultant. Make sure your unit can accept the attachments needed to get the job done. Some of the smaller units will only accept a limited number of accessories. Please make certain that the correct, approved guard for the cutting attachment is installed.It is usually recommended to purchase both a nylon cutting head and brush blade. Why?
A nylon head provides a larger cutting swath than a blade (which means you get your cutting done quicker). Nylon line is also capable of clearing weeds between logs and rock. If the line hits a hard object, it bounces off. This is not true of a tri-cut/brush blade. The tri-cut blade attachment has a smaller cutting swath. Since the blade is made from steel, when it hits something hard, the entire cutting end of the bruchcutter bounces off the object. Further, regularly hitting rocks can cause the blade to dull quickly, which means some annoying resharpening in the field. With a string head, you just pull out some new line and you're ready to go. Having both a string head and brush blade allows you to cover all the bases.

Cutting unit application

Protective Equipment

As with any petrol powered clearing equipment, protective equipment is an absolute necessity. For brushcutters, there are two safety items you shouldn't go without:
  • A protective helmet with integrated sound deadening headphones, and a screen pull-down shield on the front. Do NOT operate a brushcutter without one of these helmets.
  • Shin guards. Guards are typically manufactured high impact plastic, and cover the front part of the lower leg. We also offer Brushcutter Safety Pants.
Contact us for information regarding the correct brushcutter for your application.

October 20, 2011

Woodworking for Kids - start planning for Christmas!

We have a new range of toys available, just in time for Christmas.  But be warned, they will sell fast, so visit us as soon as possible.

Red Toolbox is a new and innovative concept of woodworking for kids offering parents and children the opportunity to spend quality time together while learning new skills. The world of Red Toolbox includes a wide variety of specially designed tools and kids woodworking kits that let them explore and create woodworking for kids projects with their parents. 

Families enjoy valuable team time while building unique kids woodworking projects designed with the kids in mind.

Now the whole family can share the fun of woodworking together!
The Workbench

Air hocke
Some of the items you can make....everything you need is included in the package.

Billiard table

Picture pack

October 18, 2011

Much more than just lawnmowers

We advertise: "Much more than just lawnmowers", and yes, we have a huge range of everything you need for your small garden, or even your stadium, park, or farm! Then of course we have a full range of light construction products, as well as cleaning products.

Our construction products include rammers, plate compactors, pumps, heavy rollers and more.

Need to fix potholes? We have the equipment you need!
The Cleaning range include vacuum cleaners(for indoors) sweepers, the carpet cleaning spray extractors, high pressure washers and scrubber driers.

Visit or call us today for more information.

October 12, 2011

Ground breaking tools for construction or landscaping

TERRAX® is a digging tool designed to cut through tree roots, concrete and other obstructions with ease.
How does it work? The patented reaction bar inside the Terrax shaft doubles the impact and prevents tool jarring.
Patented reaction bar gives seriously strong impact & eliminates tool jarring
• Cuts through tree roots, stone, clay, asphalt, rocks, concrete and earth
• Designed to maximise productivity by minimizing operator discomfort, fatigue & injury
• Rugged high-strength and forged steel construction that is made to last
• 2 models:
Terrax Mini: H = 1.45m W = 8kg
Terrax: H = 1.55m W = 10.2kg

Also available:
The TerraScoop is the perfect tool for scooping out soil and debris loosened by the Terrax.
• The Terrax / TerraScoop combination results in perfectly dug holes in the intended place to the specified depth with minimal effort
• Also suitable for planting trees, shrubs and flowers
H = 1.45m W = 4.5kg

October 10, 2011

We specialize in Lawn Tractors

We made a promise to sell the top quality brands, and last year we added the Craftsman brand of Lawn Tractors to our range. Why? Not only is quality important, but also the support from our suppliers and the manufacturers.

Craftsman is a household name in the USA, and customers are raving about the product.

In 2010 Popular Mechanics magazine announced the results from its 2010 Reader’s Choice Award, and Craftsman was named favourite Hand Tool brand for the second year in a row. For the first time, Craftsman was also named favourite Lawn Mower brand.
Popular Mechanics conducted its second annual survey to determine reader’s preferred brands in consumer products. More than 10,000 participants, including home improvement and automotive experts and enthusiasts, voted in each category, choosing from 11 brands in the Hand Tool category and 14 brands in the Lawn Mower category.
For more than 80 years, Craftsman has provided tough, smart and long-lasting tool solutions to customers. Craftsman offers a strong portfolio of lawn and garden equipment
"Congratulations to Craftsman on winning favourite Hand Tools brand for the second year in a row," said Bill Congdon, publisher, Popular Mechanics. "We are also impressed that Craftsman was chosen in the category of favourite Lawn Mower brand. Our readers are very knowledgeable and experts in the tool and home improvement area. They demand quality and performance in the products they buy.”

We currently have four models available, from a 19.5hp(106cm cut), to the 26hp(136cm) monster. Grassbox units, sun shades, trailers, fertilizer spreaders and many more accessories available. Contact us today for a demonstration.

October 07, 2011

Best Brands. Amazing Service. Top deals. Every Time!

Wow, what a statement! But definitely true. We believe in the products we sell.  Being in a service orientated industry, and selling products which are more than often abused by the operators, makes it difficult to please every customer, but we aim to. Therefore we only sell top quality products, and more importantly, with the customers assistance, we sell the correct product for your specific application.

No boxes! Machines are assembled, gets a pre-delivery service, and is ready to work when it leaves our premises.

We deliver free of charge, or if you can't wait to start using your machine, we will load it for you. No carrying or lifting for our customers! All you have to do is visit our shop, tell us what you need, and we will take care of the rest. Except for the payment of course... But you can always be assured to get the best deal!

We deliver on our promises. And if we don't....please tell us. We will rectify any issues immediately. That's why we've been in business for 34 years, supplying solutions to our customers.

October 03, 2011

The summer rains are here....time to get your machinery in order!


We have worked hard during the winter, building a new entrance & increasing the size of our lawn tractor display area. The great benefit to you, the customer? More stock! Yes, we have truckloads of stock available right now, and through out the season. And more stock means better prices for you!
Visit us now for all your gardening, cleaning or construction requirements! 


September 29, 2011

Go Green....No Gasoline. No Emissions. No Power Cord.

The remarkable Stihl Cordless range of battery powered products is now available! 

No Gasoline. No Emissions. No Power Cord. These are just a few of the benefits offered by this state-of-the-art cordless products.

The range consists out of a Blower, 2 Trimmers, 2 Hedgetrimmers and a Chainsaw. Three battery and two charger options are available.

Read this article from Popular Mechanics, and independent review on the range: Click here

Powered by the advanced 36-volt STIHL Lithium-Ion battery technology, the STIHL Cordless range helps achieve environmentally responsible operation with professional results! Ideal for pro users, government agencies, and homeowners who want environmentally responsible performance without sacrificing results, these units are four times quieter than its gasoline-powered equivalent.

They run at full speed until the battery is depleted, with no gradual drop in power as with other battery technologies. 

Eliminate fuel use with the added bonus of extremely quiet operation and greatly reduced engine maintenance! Contact us today for more information. 


September 28, 2011

Simplify your mowing experience!

We will be introducing into our Tandem range for the 2011/2012 gardening season, two x Enviro Mulching Mowers
a)     will be a Torx 160cc petrol model – with the OHV + mulching facility &
b)    will be the Executive 2600w unit + mulching facility + 35m cable

We believe Tandem has an absolute winner in their petrol & electric mulching mowers – WHY – because previously there was a mulchmower which failed to grab National customers imagination for one reason only – 60/70% of all sales are made in Gauteng where there is a grass called ‘’KIKUYU’’ – now this is a creeping growing grass & if you Mulch continuously, there is a possibility of a mulch build up or Thatch – which could lead to crickets/ants/insects etc meaning brown patches – not good. However, for the coastal areas, thatch is not a concern.

Tandem have overcome this – by inserting a removable MULCH PLUG into the mowers – allowing for its removal & insertion of your Aerovac grass box when the mulch plug is out – which means you can Mulch 5 or 6 times or as many times as you wish –then by removing the plug you are able to Aerovac your lawn – removing all possibilities of Thatch – then start the process over.

Not only do you have a working lawnmower but it has the additional features of :-
a)     not collecting grass saves time – just push & cut
b)    by placing mulch onto the soil you will be retaining moisture – good for healthy lawns
c)     by placing mulch onto the soil you will retard weed growth
d)    the top of all grasses are rich in nitrogen – so if you lop off the top of your grass & mulch it into the lawn – you are fertilizing while cutting.

Image with the grassbox - remove box, insert plug effortlessly and start mulching!